Incidental music in The Chores

I did The Chores today and was reminded what a great workout it is.

I thought that the juxtaposition of up-tempo rock music for the above-threshold intevals with gentler classical music during the brief recoveries worked for the campy theme. I particularly liked the music used in the recovery intervals for the final series. I’m certain that it is a two-part keyboard invention by J. S. Bach, but don’t know which one. Unlike the longer intervals, the music in these short snippets is not identified or credited. Not sure if it is in the minions job description to dig out this kind of information, but it would be great to know more about this piece.

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Bach Partita No 3 BWV827?

The Chores is excellent! Thanks for reminding me about it, I must do it again soon.


Dead on! It’s the Allemande from that suite. Nice to see that there are at least a few other classical music lovers on the forum. These don’t seem to be interests that coincide that often.

I think that The Chores plays to my strengths as a Pursuiter, so that may be another reason why I enjoyed it. I last did it almost a year ago. I wonder if the sound track has been updated as part of the general platform upgrade. I don’t recall the music making such an impression on me then, although, as a relative Sufferfest newbie at the time, I may have had other anxieties on my mind!

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nah same tunes as always. I wonder who’s playing piano though. I don’t imagine it’s Grunter.

Edit: I’d almost swear it was Glenn Gould in it’s lack of ostentatiousness