Frivolus tuesday morning question

As a real musical snob I’m not too enamoured by the music that is attached to the Wahoo work outs and tend to listen to my own creations of playlists. I was just curious to see what peoples top three current work out songs are
I’ll start

  1. Superchunk -What a time to be alive
  2. Guided By Voices- Motor Away
  3. Sweet Apple- Do you Remember

Any one else have a desire to share?

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I tend to listen to my own as well, just because different people have different tastes and my tastes don’t usually align with what comes with the workouts as I’m sure my eclectic tastes don’t align with a lot of people.

For normal day-to-day I tend to stick with an artist that hits my fancy and shuffle thru what I have on my phone. My favorites in no particular order are:
Avenged Sevenfold
Five Finger Death Punch
Rob Zombie
Spotify’s One More Rep station

If it’s a recovery type ride the selections tend to change to something not so hard hitting, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Johnny Cash tend to make a frequent appearance as does plain Jane classical music to zone out to.

It’s rare I get specific on songs insofar as to make a playlist, Full Frontal comes to mind. I pick a flavor of the day to hammer the 5 minute map section to, my last full Frontal on Sunday was graced with Under and Over it by Five Finger.

The 20 minute ftp section has a playlist that stays fairly consistent both in terms of beat and duration to help keep me on track with cadence and for standing purposes so I don’t get too sore. Again from this last Sunday:
This Means War
Bat Country
Almost Easy
Doing Time - All by Avenged Sevenfold
The Bleeding - Five Finger

The one minute AC section is flavor of the day as I usually don’t remember much of it, I think I had Choke by The Warning this last time. Someone on here once told me there’s video for that section too but I can’t recall ever seeing it……

Edit: After posting I realize I completely ignored the original intent of “Top 3 Songs”. Whoops!


Yeah. I had been looking at whether plans and workouts were age adjusted for older riders and it did occur to me that the music should be too…perhaps some Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Kenny G, even some Sinatra…“I did it my way”.

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I find myself thinking “It’s the band that sounds like (insert late ‘90s to early ‘00s chart topper here)!” I understand that licensing songs is a potentially expensive proposition, but it often feels like I’m buying the discount store brand. I do appreciate that the music edits match the interval efforts and will often run with it for that reason alone. When push comes to shove, say on a wattage test day, I inevitably end up switching over to a Spotify playlist for classic Detroit techno or Chicago house. Euphoric, repetitive, high BPM. Works every time.


That sounds attractive, I’m going to look into that!

When I play my own music it’s an “Alexa, play trance music” playlist. Pretty much all the Kompakt Total and Speicher albums are good for training too.

Some 90’s classics that do well for more aggressive workouts: Pearl Jam Ten is a good one, can’t go wrong with Metallica. And of course Ramstein, if all else fails.

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I prefer certain pieces by Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Stravinsky, and Jenkins among others. Most of the time if I do not find the music enjoyable I just ignore it.

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If I’m riding a Sufferfest video, I always ride to the Sufferfest music, even if I don’t care for it that much (e.g. 9H). I enjoy enough of the music to suffer through the songs I don’t care for as much. Tho, I do like most of the music in most of the workouts. If I’m riding a no-vid or anything else that I don’t care to listen to, then I listen to my own music which will vary all over the place, tho I do have a dedicated workout playlist that I use when doing harder non-sufferfest efforts. My music tastes are very specific yet also very wide, so I usually find that when thought is put into putting together a playlist to match the efforts, they usually match pretty well, even if it’s not the first choice of music I would make for myself.



Although there are a couple of tracks that wouldn’t be top of my list, these are few and far between. Plus the structure of the soundtrack being matched to the workout really helps.

Conversely, if it wasn’t for the SUF playlists there would be many favourite bands / tracks that I otherwise would not have discovered.


Agreed. I’ve added a number of SUF music tracks to my workout playlist. :slight_smile:

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Royal Irish Rangers
The Chieftains
Celtic Thunder
Mary Black
Carlene Carter
Maren Morris
Elle King
Gin Wigmore

Well, you asked:

  1. Raining blood - Body Count
  2. So Far Away - Avenged
  3. Rose Tattoo - DKM

It takes more than 3 songs to get through an hour workout so this works!!

I’ll always listen to the soundtrack that comes with The Sufferfest workouts. It may not be music I’d choose to listen to outside that context, but it works well for me during the workouts. Except the opera tracks in Violator - for some reason, opera for me is like fingernails on blackboard.

For energetic NoVids, my go-to band is 65daysofstatic - favorite track is Tiger Girl.

For more cruisy NoVids, or other recovery workouts without soundtrack, I’ll often play some Mogwai.


Yeah. I listen to the workout sound tracks, but otherwise, when I want music on the bike or trainer, I stream “Third Rock Radio”, which is a new-rock web station sponsored by NASA. Check it.


Who would have thought NASA was in the playlist business :waxing_gibbous_moon::rocket:


Excellent choice sir @way9e0