Interesting effect of strength training

Hi everyone,
i just wanted to share some personal interesting findings, I decided this time not to use the strength sessions from SUF integrated on my training plan (somehow I don’t like the video selection and order that occurs when I add the strength to my plan) so I go to the gym and do functional fitness, trying to get a better overall strength not only focused on the bike performance, even though I told my trainer I mainly cycle so didn’t want to build up too much.
After now 6 weeks with this approach I tried half-monty, I was afraid I’d have lost FTP since am cycling less, to recover from the strength sessions, the result was actually interesting FTP stayed equal (-1W, which IMHO could be a measuring error or that I was a bit tired) however my MAP increased by 3,4%!! Can the MAP ability be linked directly to my having added the strength training?


Hi @JC2020 - it’s definitely quite possible, and maybe even likely, that adding strength training into your training has helped you to increase your MAP. And while you didn’t see an increase in FTP this round, having a higher MAP ceiling will allow your FTP to continue to improve in your next block of training. Keep the up great work!


Thanks @Coach.Neal.H. Definitely will continue, more so since now indoor season is starting for good!

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