FTP MAP Blocks w/ Strength

I’ve just come off about a 3 month winter strength training program and have started the 4 week FTP Building Block Routine. I plan on following that with the 4 week MAP Building Block Routine, which will likely get me to warmer weather when some of my riding will move back outside.

I don’t want to lose all of the strength gains I’ve made over the winter, so I’d like to include 1-2 days of total body (or 1 total body and 1 upper body) day each week. My question is on what days should I be shooting to do the strength training. I don’t want to find myself in a position where my legs are shot from the day before when I go into a harder bike session.


Naively, I would think you would want to do the MAP before the FTP. Since MAP is the limiter to the FTP would you not want to do the MAP block first?


In hindsight, you may be correct. However, my thought was that the FTP seemed to be slightly more base/endurance oriented, so I thought the FTP block may allow me to increase my general fitness a little bit more before jumping into what I perceived to be a little more intense MAP block. Especially considering I’ve been on the bike less over the last few months.