MAP-FTP progression translated onto Outdoors

Since confinement began I started doing plenty of SUFF videos + the All In plan. Through Half Monty I saw a good MAP and FTP progression that got me pretty hyped. Once confinement was lifted I hit the road to see that my rides average speed did not improve that much, what’s more, group rides became a nightmare since my ride buddies improved more than I did during confinement and I get dropped pretty often. We ride mostly ~80km in flat terrain but with bunch of small climbs (most under 2km long with 6 -8% gradient) and I’m trying to understand where my training might have gone wrong:

  • Am I lacking base?
  • Am I pushing too hard all the time?
    -wrong training?

I know there’s a physiological aspect to this, but with an FTP progression from 136 to 175W (60kg person) I expected to be much faster than pre confinement. Today I average around 2kmh faster in my solo rides.

Any advice for this coming winter training is appreciated.



Hey great question, here is a write up from Mac looking at exactly that:
Understanding the difference between indoor and outdoor power numbers

Another thing to consider, when on your trainer do you use level mode sometimes as well as ERG? Using level mode will help you think about how you are riding a bit more instead of ERG where it does it all for you. This is not for all the time but incorporate a ride a week if you can.


Do you have a power meter on your outdoor bike, or do you ride on feel alone?

If you were using ERG mode indoors and never changing gear, then head outdoors without any power reference, maybe you’re just not riding in the zones you think you are?

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Thanks for the input.
Once I start indoors training again I will try to do level mode once a week, so far I have only used ERG except with workouts recommending to use level mode.

To readily start a new training plan do you recommend the FF/HM Double week plan or should I aim for FF and do HM along a Training Plan (guessing All Purpose is the best for improving all areas)? Thanks!

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I would say you can go for the double as the Half Monty FTP and MAP numbers will help you pace the Full Frontal a few days later.


@Reynaldo_Lopez - you might like The Trick which recommends starting in level mode and changing to ERG half way through … I happened to do it today and thought it was nice to do both (level & ERG) in one workout. Good prep for level mode efforts in FF too.