Ipad problem all of a sudden

Anyone else having issued with sytsm on their ipad. I suddenly find the start workout button is not showing on any of the videos /workouts. Also seem to have completely lost the ability to scroll in landscape view. I’ve submitted a support ticket, but whilst I wait for a reply just wondered if anyone else noticed a problem.

I’ve been using SYSTM on an iPad and it’s been working fine. What model are you using?

Ipad 5th generation with ios 15.4.1

If you haven’t already, quit and restart. If that doesn’t work, reboot the iPad. If that doesn’t work, fully delete the app and then reinstall it. And if that doesn’t work, contact the minions for help.

Thanks AkaPete. Have tried restarts and app reinstall’s but no joy. Have interestingly borrowed a newer ipad and its all running as normal, so obviously its an individual issue with my older ipad.