SYSTM totally unusable today((

A lot of struggle today with my session on iPad and it was completely ruined.

Very disappointed, because I literally was forced by wahoo to update my device to iPad OS 15 (from flawlessly working iOS 12) to install SYSTM app and it just does not work! I’ve done 2 workouts on my FLUX S with the new app and one was worse that other.

List of problems:

  • (1) had a lot of problems connecting with my wahoo(!) TICKR heart rate monitor. It was needed to restart the app a few times just to restore failed connection (seems that switching into another app and back may break the connection). I even rebooted iPad once, but that does not help to get rid of bugs.
  • (2) now I can not listen to youtube music during sessions. Even if I select ‘no vid’ session which has no music builtin. Even if I turn the sound off in SYSTM! Switching from the music app back to SYSTM session just immediately stops the music. I suppose SYSTM steals audio focus from the music app. Why that was working ok with the good old SUF app and now this is a huge problem??
  • (3) ERG mode is broken. Today it just no changes when you go from recovery 80w to warming on 120w. It was around 90w instead of target 80w and keeps this power instead of 120w.
    NOTE: during the previous workout it was broken too, but it somehow worked just keeps power 20-25 watts less than needed. And yes, I’ve done calibration before today’s workout (a few days before, actually).
  • (4) surprisingly LEVEL mode was broken too!! See no changes in resistance switching between level0 and level2. But somehow it was more ERG than ERG: I got 90 watts on 34x28 instead of target 85w regardless of cadence: it was 90w on 85rpm and 90w on 70rpm. How can this even be? It’s obviously not the so-called ‘power floor’ problem because my trainer was able to provide resistance around 55w on 34x28 gears with 80-90 cadence with the old SUF app.

Thank god I did not go for an annual subscription with a discount when it was offered. Now I’m able to cancel my subscription and go for some hopefully working app like trainer road or something.

I have been using SUF for about two years and I really liked it.
I was positive about the new app at first.
But now I’m disappointed and upset.

Did not plan to switch to other apps but SYSTM now looks like a completely unusable solution (((

Fwiw, you’re much more likely to get the specific help you need (and much faster too) by submitting a ticket to the minions than by posting on the forum. I feel the frustration though. Tech issues can be infuriating.


@alexwtan Truly feeling your pain. Persevere buddy, reiterate Sir Glen’s signposting. Clearly a big learning here for the new app deployment team but once your access issues are cleared away you’ll be back into the glory zone … and back to the right form of agony!


@alexwtan I just finished a workout on OS15 on iPad and didn’t have issues with connection or power in ERG mode and the connection to my TICKR was fine. I didn’t try level mode (although probably should of as I did the kilo in Sir Neal’s At the Velodrome video and was cooked on ERG). You may want to examine the TICKR and see if there is any corrosion or if the battery needs changing. I seem to go through straps fairly quickly. They also recommend not using the bitter coated batteries as replacements.

I can confirm that running a separate music player doesn’t work well in SYSTM - I don’t know why. I know others have been able to get it to work but after multiple tries. I gave up quickly and just used a separate source. I don’t know what the status of a fix is but I believe it is on the list.

I hope you are able to resolve your issues. It is definitely tough when you want to train and can’t get things to work.


Very sorry for your frustration alexwtan. Please send us a support request and we’ll help you.


Sounds very frustrating, but you can’t expect to stay on an obsolete iOS version for too long just because it works. Sooner or later many of your other Apps will stop supporting it as they update. That’s just how it goes.


Yah, I will admit I usually stream music on my phone while running SYSTM on my iPad, don’t know if it WOULD be problem, just seemed like too much hassle to try streaming music at the same time.

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