Videos do not play

Hoping someone can help. None of the videos play on my ipad pro any longer. I had to take a few months off due to work and couldn’t get ANY video to get going this morning. The cues and music seem to work but no video. I tried deleting the downloaded files and re-downloaded and the issue continued. I tried nine hammers, igniter, and the cure. The blue download circle was acting odd, not sure if that’s related. I tested it on my laptop and didn’t have the issue but can’t use the laptop with the trainer.

Perhaps a dumb question: if it’s been a few months, have you downloaded the new SYSTM app that has replaced Sufferfest? Even if you have, you might want to fully delete it from your iPad and download it again. Sometimes that helps. It is working fine on my iPad Pro.

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I had an issue when SYSTM took over from the Sufferfest because my IPad Air was an older model I couldn’t update the software to IOS 14 which is what SYSTM needs to be able to run it. What software version is your Pro running as it needs to be 14 or higher if it can’t update to 14 then SYSTM won’t work on it.

Yeah. I used it for about a month after the switch. Some of the videos were having random issues then but not like this.

I’m on IOS 14.x and never auto updated to 15.x for some reason. I don’t think that is likely the issue though, but I’ll try updating it. If not then I will uninstall/reinstall the app.

IOS 14 should work fine, so no need to update to 15 just yet, what version is SYSTM on your IPad Pro because the software has been updated a few times since then, have you had any prompts asking to update it as it’s now onto 7.13.1

I’ve never updated it manually but it is on 7.13.1

updated the IOS, deleted most of the videos (not all), and new download versions seem to work… odd


Glad you found a solution. Now, onto proper suffering….

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Hopefully you have no more issues @Harrierpilot222 :+1::+1:

I have the same issue and I am completely new to System. I’ve never had sufferfest. I just get a big fat error every time and have to remove the downloaded workout then stream as i go which is shite as it normally bombs out halfway through because of buffering. You did n’t get this with Zwift so first impressions are not as robust as zwift. Let’s see what the support is like now

I have The Sufferfest since 11/2020 and experienced zero problem.

Since it has been taken over by Wahoo and renamed to Systm I‘m experiencing problems with the videos occasionally.

Best regards from Germany!