Is MAP easier in half monty than full frontal?

I did my second ever full frontal 4DP test today. Overall, I’m happy with my progression but can’t help thinking that my MAP may be higher.
First FF end of November 2021
NM 809 AC 488 MAP 350 FTP 302
Half Monty January 2022
MAP 409 FTP 309
Second FF today
NM 850 AC 530 MAP 409 FTP 333

I think my pacing for the MAP portion was good. I started at around 420 and faded to 400 at the end. FTP was constant throughout but I had some kick left in the last minute. Threshold heart rate was 170 and max during MAP portion was 180. I know I can get to 185 or so but I felt the problem at the end of the MAP section were the legs not the heart.

I found the HM test much easier. There I ended up going over my MAP for maybe two minutes but I find that easier than holding the MAP for five. My profile is time trialist so I think sustained efforts should be easier and that’s certainly true at the FTP level just not at the MAP.

If your legs give out in the 5 minute effort during FF try a higher cadence to work your cardio system more.

Hard to say. I always do a HM first, then a FF 4 days later, and try to beat the suggested FF MAP and Threshold power levels determined by the previous HM by holding slightly higher cadence than what gives me the suggested power (after selecting gearing and Level for ~90 rpm at the target level). So far, using this method I’ve always done slightly better in the FF than the HM, and it’s really really tough.


MAP in HM is easier to pace, but not easier overall because the results are roughly the same. That would equate to the same level of physical exertion.

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Last time I HMed I really pushed the ramp hard. You know where it says everyone thinks they could go a bit more?.. I did not feel that. It was truly awful, I was completely spent. When I next did FF at end of plan my I couldn’t hold that MAP. Or anything close. BTW, I think that fading is a sign of improper pacing. A better number is acheived by starting a bit lower and building. Easy to say, hard to do