Is my understanding of training plans correct?

Hi all,
Im a relative newcomer to Systm having become a tad disillusioned with Zwift training plans. Im about to finish soon my second system training plan which, having done the 4DP test on my arrival, are geared toward raising my aerobic ceiling and MAP.
The first training plan I did was around 3 weeks long and I chose the ‘Building Blocks’ option to target MAP and the second I selected to target AC/NM (I think)…focusing on my 4DP identified weaknesses.
Anywho…Im looking at changing things up a little in my next training block as I’d like to add some strength training. It appears I have to select a different option as I customise the training plan to get the strength option…I need to chose ‘All purpose’ as opposed to ‘Building Blocks’. My question then is this…if I do change things up this way to get some strength training in (as opposed to yoga)…will my given training plan still be geared toward my weaknesses as identified by the original 4DP test? I thought I’d previously read in another thread that it would, but I wanted to double check.
Thanks in advice.

Most plans are tailored but a few (like building blocks) aren’t. After selecting the “Aim” you’ll see a message at the top that your plan is tailored.

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Also worth noting that you can add a separate strength plan alongside a riding plan, you don’t have to only select riding plans with strength as an option.

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Much obliged.

Only thing to watch with that approach is that the plans don’t clash i.e. hard strength workout + intense ride on same day. The advantage of the “integrated” strength plans is that they are built around the riding plan.