Finished My 1st 4DP Test

New to Sufferfest, and I wanted to know how/where to find the recommended workouts to develop my strengths and improve those areas of my fitness that the test have deemed a weakness.

Is there a specific plan I need to pick, or a specific workout, or are all the training plans tailored to help improve your weak areas?

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The selection of the workouts in the training plan will be customized based on your 4DP strengths/weaknesses. And each workout will have power targets set based on your 4DP results from Full Frontal.

Also, if you want to select your own workouts based on your strengths/weaknesses (which you can always review in Passport -> Profile), you can have the app group the workouts based on their star ratings for FTP/MAP/AC/NM (Workouts -> Alphabetical -> Group…)

If you select MAP, you’ll get this:

From there, you can pick one that has a higher emphasis on that attribute.


Thank you for the explanation and the info. I don’t know how I missed the dropdown part.


There are 3 or 4 week training blocks in the find a training plan page under “Special Focus” > “Building Blocks”


Sweet! I was thinking of starting with the “Road > All Purpose Road” but now I’m not sure if I should start with the “special focus > building blocks”. Any recommendation on this? And thanks for the info.

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I’m doing the All-Purpose Road plan. Given you’re new to Sufferfest, it’s hard to look at the plans and get an idea of what they’re going to be about. I don’t think you can go too far wrong with either the All-Purpose Road plan or one of the specialist blocks. This post (What sequence is best for multiple block plans?) suggests starting with the FTP block, then moving to MAP after.

@way9e0 Thanks for the link. I think I’ll start with the All-Purpose then do what the coach in the link suggest.

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