Is RGTdb gone?

The RGTdb site has been missing for a few days. Has it shut down forever?

The maintainer shut it down abruptly last week. There are some attempts by others to revive but the main effort is in a replacement called “RGT Hub” allegedly due to launch in October. I presume we won’t see a resurrected RGTdb before then.

Both of these sites are community run (well communities of one), not from Wahoo. All my info is from the RGT discord, I’m not involved in either project.


Thanks for the info. I hope someone who knows the person who ran the site thought to reach out and see if they could get a data dump.

What is RGTdb?

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As I understand it, it’s a place where results etc where compiled

Yes, it was showing

  • riders’ profiles
  • past events
  • future events
  • series rankings / future events, etc

It also provided a “ELO-style” ranking (we had bronze/silver/gold riders based on their performance on races)

@ozmadman in addition to what was stated above, it was also a place where you could go to find RGT rides. That was my primary purpose and I used it a lot when looking for a ride with specific characteristics.

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After the mathematician, Arpad Elo.

And… it’s back!

The previous owner needs to update certs or set up a redirect from the old URL but the site is live again.