Is it only me that gets confused?

Once again I am having difficulty trying to sus out and navigate the RGT app and its starting to wind me up TBH. I have just had a email telling me about a new pro ride Mont Ventoux Denvele pro ride. If you want to ride this on RGT it says, just click here for more info. I did and all it takes me to is the front page of RGT where you can find an event or look at your magic roads. These “events” are just the standard ones and there are no pro races or interactive ones on there and no rides like that either on the magic road section either??! I go to the main app where my profile is and none of these pro rides are shown there either not on just ride… events or workouts and nothing in Magic roads, which is “my magic roads” and not any of the pro rides that we are told can be ridden on magic roads. The whole RGT app needs a re-vamp because it is badly designed, confusing and frustrating to the point of not bothering to use it. Sorry for he rant but please can someone tell me how these find pro rides easily on RGT to stop me running around in circles, thanks


It takes you to, where it shows there’s a Mont Ventoux Real Road.

In the RGT app choose Just Ride, then the Mont Ventoux road:

It really isn’t that confusing, there’s a big option in RGT for Mont Ventoux. Maybe the text in SYSTM could be clearer though.


Thanks, firstly I wasn’t expecting it to be in the Just ride section because the email showed this new ride in “Real Roads” which threw me off, so thanks for that, but yes it would be helpful if things were explained a bit better. Also that link takes me here, which is not the app on my PC and pretty much useless because events only show events that are running day to day and no just ride?

It is confusing if you’re told to click something to see more and then more is an icon buried amongst a bunch of other icons that you’re expected to know which one to click. If there’s going to be a link to something for more information, it should pull that specific item up, i.e. when clicked it should show the Mont Ventoux road in RGT, not just the main page where you need to go find it yourself.


Hallelujah!!! someone on my wave length, spot on… hope the minions are watching cos I do find RGT confusing and I haven’t even tried the rides with chat yet!!

@ozmadman I initially found it confusing but have continued to work on it and it seems to be coming around. I do like the platform but agree with you that it could be more intuitive.

Ah OK, I get your confusion now.

I’d checked the Mont Ventoux ProRide in SYSTM, which has this text at the bottom:

(thought that was the link you were talking about)

In fairness, the confusion here is the misleading link in the e-mail sent by SYSTM, not RGT design.

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