Is the Sufferfest Name Going Away?

I noticed Wahoo “double-branding” Wahoo and SUF in their latest emails for training. I’d hate to see the Sufferfest name fade off into history (I was using your videos before you became legit!). Do you expect the Sufferfest name to be phased out? I hope not. But if that’s the case, you’ve built a devout group of sufferers who will always live by the Sufferfest spirit. We’ll just need a back-channel to GvA :slight_smile:

Yours in pain,


I share the same concern. Also, a couple new videos show a “SUF Sports” logo. What is that?

From what I remember, that logo only appears in workouts appearing as pretend tv-broadcasts, thus part of the workout “story” and not necessarily with any name change in mind.


I hope you’re right, Magnito. But here’s another thing that may indicate a ‘slow roll’ name change: When I went to refer friends (which is an awesome idea), its says Wahoo SUF Training App.

That name is weird to me. SUF is not a word.

Actually, Suf is a dutch word. :wink:


add an “f” and it becomes a German word :laughing:


Yeah, well, I guess SUFFERFEST may sound a bit intimidating. They’re using the SUF to get people in, and the Sufferfest to make them stay :wink:

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The SUF has been around quite a while. They’re just using it more and using “Sufferfest” less. But it’s more that Sufferfest / SUF is now a subsidiary of Wahoo, so it’s keeping its name, it’s just not alone, anymore, and is underneath Wahoo. It’s not going away. Or at least much as we’ve been told by CEO David. I don’t work for SUF so I don’t claim to have any more insight than what David has told us.