It’s Hip to be Square

Title is a Huey Lewis song by the way. So fell off the rollers on Friday (cue laughter) but it was when I was getting off, (cue more laughter). Landed on Elbow but possibly jarred something because I was tensed up ready for the landing. 45 mile ride Saturday, 1 hour zone 2 and a 1 hour climbing effort on trainer today. No pain when riding in fact was super good on the climbing. So the pain is at the top of my left hip, but only when sitting down. I have done all sorts of stretching including Abi’s hip openers but as soon as I have sat down the pain is there. Goes away about 1 min after standing. Obviously I’m not going to bother the NHS so just wondered if anybody had experienced something similar and could advise.


When you say “top of the hip” are you talking the inside (groin… Where the hip joint itself is), the very top of the front of the thigh or the side?

Due to the fact it was, presumably, a direct fall to the outside of the hip if the pain is on the outer hip it is probably just bruising and needs to settle, in fact, where ever the pain is one would hope that is the case. If the pain is in the groin after a fall onto the outside of the hip it is worth going to get checked out.

If the pain is in the groin… The fact you can bear weight it’s unlikely to be a fracture but it’s surprisingly easy to “jar” the hip joint and you can get a form of hip impingement. If you don’t want to “bother” the NHS then try to book private physio, chiropractor etc.

It would help a bit to know exactly where the pain is first though.

Edit early days after direct trauma, I personally wouldn’t be trying yoga. Very gentle movements at the moment!

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