How to treat a tender quad

For the last few weeks, my right thigh (quadriceps) more interior has been tender and after doing the 4DP test yesterday (Sunday 1-16-2022) is even more tender. Recommendation from 4DP test is to work on my V02 max. So I created the MAP block. My concern is this is going to be intense work for two weeks, could this do even more damage to a tender muscle?
I have been using a roller on my thigh and rubbing it but still sore.
Also looking at buying some recovery / leg boots that uses air pressure.
Any thoughts about those ?

If it is the interior of your knee, you can damage it severely. I recommend getting a shoe fit before you carry on and having your ‘stance’ checked. I’m four or five years in and now can ride without it hurting me. I had both things checked and my right knee wants to point outwards and that is putting a lot of stress on a very small muscle/tendon and not on the patellar tendon where it’s supposed to be.

Thank you Mr. McKenzie:

Actually it is more above the knee. I don’t know if I should take some time off? I am concerned about loosing what little fitness I have. Only been training for about 7 months.
I will try the first session of the MAP block tomorrow and see how I feel.
Also wonder if a Massage gun might assist in recovery?

I started using a massage gun toward the end of last year and swear by it. I use it nightly and have built up to a rather rigorous power setting. It has accelerated my recovery, easing muscle soreness after the days ride. I also use it for shoulder impingement concentrating on deep massage of the affected tendons which helps break down scar tissue and increase blood flow. If you decide to use a massage gun start out easy and build up. Research it if you haven’t already done so…best of luck.

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If the pain gets worse when you workout (sometimes worse is during and sometimes it’s after), I’d stop for a couple days and then add back some easy rides if those feel okay. Then build from there while paying close attention to whether the injury is getting better or worse. It’s frustrating, but much better than really hurting yourself and causing months of pain and inactivity.

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It could also be worth seeing a physical therapist to understand what’s going on.

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Above the knee indicates a possible fit issue. Have you been professionally fitted to your bike? if not I highly recommend doing so. Yes, those YouTube videos are great (I watched one today), but you might be, like me, an oddball that needs just a little more attention.

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I get this too, and have been doing a little research – if yours is like mine (sounds like it) it might be your vastus medialis muscle. BUT I’M NOT A DOCTOR, please consult with a medical professional, etc etc etc.

Based on my body/experience, I think this is simply a muscle that I don’t use loads EXCEPT in cycling, so it’s the first one to ‘scream’ when I’m increasing time on the bike.

In terms of treatment, manual massage, hot baths, and rest work for me, as I would do for any strained muscle. I feel it getting stronger through cycling, and I am trying to remember to target it in training. Based on my limited research (thank you, Dr Google), leg adductions are good for this.


I’ve found massage guns useful for helping with tightness in muscles and also for pre-activation before sessions. Interior thigh muscles can be a range of things, is it the vistas medialis (quad), adductors or internal hamstring muscles? Figure for reference

This is just what I was going to say. For me, it’s a sign I’ve increased distance too abruptly. I do notice that regular strength training had made it less of a problem.

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Thank you Andy.

Thank you Mr. McKenzie: it is half way between the knee and the crotch. I think I am going to take a few days off. And seriously looking and some compression boots but $$$$ lol.

Thanks for the great Idea. Will look into getting one.

Thanks AkaPete: I am going to take a few days off. And look into getting some compression boots.

Thank you for the advice rinaf: I am looking into getting a massage gun and maybe some compression boots.

Thank you for your advice. I am going to take a few days off. And look into a massage gun and maybe some compression boots if i hit the lottery.

If it is interior pain, you need to look at how you are riding. I naturally ride a little bit splayed out. I found that by drawing my knees in, the pain goes and stays away. Tomorrow is an outside ride and I’ll see if I can make the change ‘stick’. It’s also helping me with power as well.