Join the STEP Up Challenge livestream with Kathryn Bertine and Coach Suzie Snyder March 28th

Today is Equal Pay Day, the day that marks how far into the next year a typical woman would have to work in order to earn the same as a man in an identical position. To highlight the pressing issue of pay inequality, especially in the sport of cycling, we’re holding the The STEP Up Challenge March 27-28 (see Join the STEP Up Challenge and Stand Together for Equal Pay – The Sufferfest for full details).

As part of the challenge, ex-pro cyclist turned activist, Kathryn Bertine, will be riding Fight Club live with coach Suzie Snyder on March 28th at 8am MT. Kathryn will be answering viewer questions about her advocacy, her film, Half the Road, and her new book, Stand.

Check out the Facebook Live event for full details and set a reminder so you won’t miss it!


We are live now!! Kathryn is amazing :heart:


Is there a recorded version somewhere?
I couldn’t drag myself out of bed for this today, but would still like to hear or read the interview if there is even a transcript out there.
Just because I can say it again, thanks for the great challenge! I found this a toughie. I’m whipped after finishing! TGIt’s almost Monday :wink:


Here you go, Dame Isa!


Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed that!
I should clarify, I’m a real world dame but don’t qualify for the Sufferlandrian title (yet?). But I appreciate it :grin:

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