Step Up Challenge [in the middle of a VO2 MAP block]

Kinda have to do this challenge, though I’m in the middle of a VO2 MAP block.

On those days, the MAP plan has me doing frozen road (24 min recovery) on Mar 27 and then GCN Aerobic Endurance (60 min) on 28 Mar.

Heh, so I’ll be swapping these for Who Dares + Half the Road, then Fight Club + I Just Want to Ride. Not too bad really.


Good decision, we have to do this challenge. Recent discussion about price money at the Classics and Strade shows that there’s along way to go. Crowdfunding is ok, but it can’t be the idea.
Fightclub is a wonderful example how entertaining women’s cycling is, and Cathrin’s documentary is an Eye-opener.
See you then, cheers

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@feeny I am also on the MAP block - I am going to to the STEP challenge on March 25th and 26th - take a day or two off and then finish the plan the next week.

That will certainly help with my VO2 issues! Look forward to riding Half the Road. The movie premiered about two km from where I live.

I have 2 long rides sets for that weekend, so I will do these for the challenge instead.

Just a silly challenge question (SUF Noob here) - for this challenge, we simply do the workouts on the days, unlike the ToS where the process was to actually join via the challenge page?

Also, is there a time window for earning the badge? As there was in the the ToS? IE anywhere it is that day in the world, is a valid day?

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Hi there @feeny

There’s a bit more info in the challenge announcement here

I’m not 100% if this means we have five days based on our own calendars, but I assume so.


Five days? I understand this as coming weekend.

I saw the 5 day window in a post from Rebecca Bell.

Might be worth jumping in the official thread as this might not be spotted here.

Yep. I read that mail too, but was taking the announcement here as relevant.
@rebecca.bell is right in encouraging as many Sufferlandrians as possible - let’s get the bikes ready…

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Hey all, just jumping in here in case there is still any confusion about the time window for the STEP Up Challenge.

As long as you complete the 4 rides anytime from March 25th to March 29th you’ll get the badge. There is no 50 hour time window for this challenge like the Tour. Just do the rides on your own schedule during those 4 days.



Fantastic! I’m looking forward to replacing my long no-vid workouts by supporting this awesome challenge!


Hi Coach Susie … I may be wrong here, but March 25 - March 29 is 5 days, not 4 days ?

yes, sorry, I must have had the 4 still on my brain because it’s 4 rides… Or maybe I can’t count. Either way, the dates are what matter and I know those are right!


Any chance someone can update the banner on the front page of the forum so it shows the extended dates?

I would never have known if I didnt stumble across this thread.