Journalist writing a book needs Y.O.U

Hi all. I’m a journalist writing a non-fiction book about endurance from a psychological perspective – what do people draw upon to push through pain and doubt? To that end I’ve interviewed all sorts of people, from bare-knuckle boxers, to ultra-runners, hardcore wrestlers, bodybuilders, flesh-hook suspension artists and more.

I can’t neglect the cycling sphere of suffering! So I’d love to hear from Sufferlandrians (although I could only use a couple of examples), particularly if you have a tale of overcoming some hurdle to surprise yourself with what you can achieve, or if your life looks very different since becoming a citizen of Sufferlandria. Please feel free to email me at jennyvalentish AT Posting here with permission from David – thanks, David!


Hey guys – I had a great chat with Jenny yesterday about our awesome community. There are some many amazing stories here that I figured you all might be able to share some with her. Who knows – you might end up in her book!