Karoo 2 half price vs Roam 2 full price

A local shop next to me is offering Karoo 2 for half the price of Roam v2. Is it worth it? I’m upgrading from old Lezyne gps. What I’m looking for is:

  • climbing segment information
  • possibility to load training plan
  • di2 integration
  • responsive and good gps with easy to read info
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Will just say that the Roam covers all these bases - you can also pick up the Roam v1 for bargain basement prices at present (I’m very happy w mine).

If your focus is on mapping then the Karoo 2 is hard to beat. In other areas it falls down though. It has basic training plan execution, and no built in Di2 integration (it was removed but there is a third party application you can sideload to get it back though it is extra work).

Outside of your list the Karoo 2 has gotten slower as they’ve expanded functionality. You essentially have to wait a bit at startup even though the UI is loaded to let things settle down. It has no automatic brightness control so you usually have to leave it cranked up. There’s minimal phone integration (only for notifications) which means no interaction with the outside world except on wifi or with a SIM card inserted. That covers tracking, uploads, routes.

IMO I find the ROAM 2 the easiest to see outside in comparison to the Karoo 2 and the Garmin 1040.