Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM ... 2

As expected the next version of the ROAM is now available: GPS Bike Computers for Cycling & Racing | ELEMNT | Wahoo Fitness Canada

So if you’ve been an old ROAM user looking at the new BOLT and going “I wish there was a ROAM like that…” well now there it is, along with a few extras such as more storage and dual band GNSS.

I personally won’t be going from my BOLT 2 to it. Just not worth it.

Drool-worthy, but @#$% of a price point. :grimacing:

I have a LOT more needs to address w $400.

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It’s $600 up here in Canada. >_> 'tis ouchy.


Yeah but that’s like $20 bucks in the US, right? You guys and your fancy monopoly money. (full disclosure: my daughter is @ university in Canada, so I’ve been doing that conversion for awhile now!)


:canada: :canada: :canada:

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Fo0r those looking for a new computer, this is good news. For those with one there are two features that say ‘buy’: GNSS tracking and 64 color screen (the current ROAM is 7 and that’s not much better than black and white for many people.)

Don’t forget the USB-C charging. :battery::joy:

Did I hear SYSTM workouts outdoors on GP lama?? That might be popular!!


outdoor workouts working fine.

i hope the promissed update with the summit segments will come soon!

Yes, you did. However, they are modified so you aren’t chasing very short intervals and such.

I am a happy user of my Roam v1. I don’t get why Wahoo communicates on features that are not available yet… I am talking about Summit Segments and Public Route Sharing. Just for marketing reason because there is not much difference with Roam V1. I am curious about it

I am more curious as to why they released the new unit with these features not implemented in the first place? It’s been years since the original ROAM release, so not not sure what difference few more weeks/months would make and actually release a full baked product. :man_shrugging:

No news on the feature updates?