Non-Wahoo Head units

Good afternoon, quick question about non-Wahoo head units I ride with the Hammerhead Karoo 2 and have always synced my workouts with the unit to ride outdoors, is there a way of getting a structured workout onto a non-Whaoo unit? someone said there was a google extension SYSTM FIT Export, I can download the .FIT file but it won’t let me import it into the unit. so far I love the Wahoo SYSTM platform but I don’t want to spend my whole time training indoors.

and before anyone states the obvious, i don’t want to switch to a Wahoo unit either, eyes are not the best so i need a bigger brighter screen.

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Not yet. No

I use a Garmin, and ysing that plugin, I download the .FIT file onto my computer and then literally drag it into the workouts section on my Garmin Connect app on the PC. Then, it syncs automagically to my head unit and I’m a happy cyclist.

I can also plug in my Garmin to the PC and drag it straight across to the head unit.

How do you get other workouts onto the Karoo?

There sure is, I’ve been doing it for months. No issues using the browser plugin for this and it works like a dream on my Garmin. The Garmin of course doesn’t sync back to the Wahoo cloud but I can live with that because I can manually tick off a scheduled workout in the calendar anyway.

Thanks for clarifying, I was thinking native in Systm.

I’ll look at the plugin, but know I’m not likely to use of it involves to much faffing about.

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Yep, nothing native yet. It is a bit faffy using the plugin to be fair, but oretty straightforward once you know the steps.

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@stevel I went with the Roam - the screen is bigger than the Bolt.

It’s easy and straightforward to get it into the Karoo 2. Download the FIT file using the browser extension, then upload it into the Hammerhead Dashboard: Karoo Dashboard

From there, select that workout on the unit.

Ride. Enjoy.

which extension do i need for downloading the fit file?

Extension for Chrome-based browsers: SYSTM FIT Export