Kicker bike

Anyone having problems with kicker bike on some workouts seem to be a few seconds out of whack with the power ie changing power up or down a couple seconds late

So far so good for me.

Maybe check for a firmware update?

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Are you connecting over ANT+ or bluetooth? Some folks report ANT+ has lags under some conditions.

The KICKR Bike responds quickly but not instantaneously, and as is inevitable, the numbers displayed lag reality by a bit. I also get the sense that a few of the Sufferfest videos have audio and video cues that don’t quite sync with the workout. All of these factors create the impression of delays.

Connecting via ant+ extension lead under the bike. It only seems to do it on some of the workouts

While I don’t have a Kickr bike, I do have a bike on a Kickr. And I’ve experienced delays over ant+ every time. Bluetooth has been flawless, even on the Pro Rides.

How do you switch ant+ off

On mine, I just removed the ANT+ dongle (MacBook Pro) and had Bluetooth turned on.

I don’t think you need to turn ANT+ off. Just pair the devices over Bluetooth. Macs and mobile devices all come with Bluetooth. But some windows computers might need a Bluetooth dongle.