Connectivity RGT - Kickr

Hi team,

Yet another question, please. I have been happily using my Kickr v5 for the last couple of weeks. It connects seamlessly with SYSTM on my PC through ANT+ or Bluetooth and all works well when using ERG mode.

However, I am experiencing some issues when trying RGT (same issues in a couple of attempts one week apart, latest update installed): when I connect my Kickr to my PC (which is quickly recognized as a sensor) through ANT+, it doesn’t read any power or cadence – It doesn’t matter what I do but all stays as zero; when I connect with Bluetooth, it does read power and cadence, however, it freezes at a certain value and no matter what I do it will not decrease or increase after the frozen cadence and watts.

I also tried Zwift and it works well, so the only issue seems to be with RGT.

Today, I was experiencing the same issue so I decided to use my iPhone and connect it via Bluetooth. It all worked without an issue, almost instant readouts of power and cadence.

Interesting as well, my previous bike (Concept2 BikeErg), worked well with RGT on the PC both through ANT+ and Bluetooth, so it seems that the only issue is the connection RGT on Windows with the Kickr.

Any thoughts on what might be the cause, or anyone experiencing / having experienced the same? As a mitigation until I find a solution, I will probably mirror my iPhone to the PC screen.

Thanks a lot!


Did you find a solution to this problem? I’m having similar issues.

I haven’t used RGT much, but it seems to work well after a minute or so when the connection seems to stabilize. I suspect it might be because of my old laptop since the connection with the phone worked perfectly.

I’d recommend trying both Bluetooth and ANT+ and stick to the one that works best. If you are joining a group ride or race, just join a few minutes earlier to ensure that it is working properly (if the issue is similar to mine)