Kickr Axis Feet

So I upgraded to a Kickr this year and it came with the “Axis Feet” hype. Haven’t given it much thought, but realized I’ve no idea if I set them up right to get the supposed 5º lateral movement?

Is it just which of the rubber “feet” you choose that determines the movement tolerance, or is there some trick in installing the feet with the bolts and screws? Don’t recall the documentation being of much assistance when I put it together.

Thanks for any input!

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Well, you’ll have to test each of the feet with each of the workouts in the library, and then do the same in reverse. Since you’re planning on doing this anyway, you can include it in the report :wink: :slight_smile: :smiling_imp:

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@CPT_A The selection of the pads is generally based on the weight of the rider.

Edit: here is a video discussing installation. They don’t mention weight but I a pretty sure I read that in the written materials.

Minions. Always so ruddy helpful! :joy: :joy: :joy:

(Except when they’re playing with time and number of intervals.)

Hey @JSampson , thanks SO much for this link and video. Never even bothered looking at the feet when i installed my kickr.

Pulled the box out of the garage and switched to the small/light feet. :heart: the increased lateral flex - though it took a bit to get used to it standing and sprinting.

I did see in the manual what you mentioned about the feet being classes by weight, but im 170#/77kg (:face_with_diagonal_mouth:) and didn’t feel particularly unstable. Feel like im getting a little more balance and pedal stroke practice.