KICKR Bike Race Mode is here: Thanks for rubbing it in, Wahoo. :-(

Just got this email from Wahoo. Thanks for nuthin’!

All it did was aggravate me that my V1 is NOT included in this, but the email makes ZERO mention of that.
I’m sure Wahoo knows I don’t have the V2 bike, and could at least have mentioned in the email that this doesn’t apply to V1 bikes… But no, I had to go at least CHECK if there was any firmware update for my KICKR Bike V1, and of course there is not.
Thanks, Wahoo, for reminding me I’m just a second class citizen… (Or does the V1 mean I’m first class??) :thinking:

P.S. CONGRATS to all of you for whom this email DOES APPLY!


Since Zwift has shown it can be done over Bluetooth, perhaps eventually Wahoo will do the same which would make it available to others. We shall see! I too am a V1 user, though honestly I wouldn’t use Race Mode. :smiley:


@jcolp Why wouldn’t you use it? I haven’t read up on anything, just noted the faster response time claimed, and would hope that might stop the “death spiral” that happens with super short intervals as well as other times.
Is there some downside to race mode?

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I mostly just do ERG workouts, so it’s not that interesting to me. Haven’t experienced any death spirals yet.

I’m surprised you haven’t. ERG is when the spiral is most difficult to deal with, I think.

ANT+ channel period, and so sampling rate, has been negotiable as part of FE-C since the beginning - so it could hardly be conceptually easier for anyone to provide this functionality over ANT+ in a portable manner . Alas, no-one did, and never got a reply to any feature requests or technical enquiries i’ve made (not that I expected any to be fair). It’s very annoying that it’s still so limited…

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I’ve read that sampling rate with power meters is 4x per second with ANT+ vs up to 64x with Bluetooth SMART. link here: ANT+ vs Bluetooth Power Meters for Bike Computers - Power Meter City

But I’ve often heard on this forum about a 5 second delay with ANT+ so I’m confused about this.
I realize the logic that the more frequent recording does have a negative impact on battery life, but I’m having a hard time understanding where the problem here is, if in fact 4x per second is already possible with the ANT+ channel?

Any thoughts on this, @fukawitribe ?


What’s race mode?

10x data feed rate.

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Wahoo can provide a minimum of 4 times data rate improvement, and upwards to 8 times with ANT+. I am convinced it can be done. However Wahoo has no incentive to do this on the Kickr Bike v1 since they abandoned it when the v2 came out. No new firmware updates for about 2 years proves this. This is disappointing since I actually talked to a Wahoo customer service person specifically on future improvements for the Kickr Bike v1 back in 2020. That was the deciding factor to buy the Kickr Bike over the Tracx bike. That said, if Wahoo really has abandoned the v1 firmware development, then provide the software to me. I will add 4 Hz race mode on ANT+. : )

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