Kickr bike tilt

Just purchased a kickr bike and have a question about the tilt. This doesnt happen all the time but sometimes if i engage the lean back function… and went to far back… ill hit the down button but nothing happens. Ill have to click the button again to get it to go down.

This happens both directions. Most of the time it works great, just odd when it doesnt engage when button is pressed.

Maybe im hitting the up down to fast and the bike has a temporarily freeze. Im not sure… should i wait 2 seconds before i go a different direction?

Bike has been updated…


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Hey @Marktrav82, welcome to the forums and congrats on an awesome purchase! There will be much jealousy here (my own included).

As for your question though, it really is one for Wahoo support as it’s not directly got to do with the wahoo SYSTM app. While you may get a response here from other lucky Kickr Bike owners, you might want to contact Wahoo support directly on this which you can do here:

Ahh sorry. Wasnt sure where to ask. Thanks the heads up

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Please, no need to apologize. Also, like I said, there are a few other Kickr Bike owners in the forums so they still may weigh in. I just wanted to make sure you get your specific question answered in case they don’t. It’s never a problem to ask a question here. :slight_smile:

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Have you seen this page?

On my Kickr Bike I use the grey button to unlock the tilt feature and that works most of the time. Only thing I’m not quite sure about is if you have to do that before starting the workout or not.

Pet peeve of mine: YES, you DO have to UNLOCK the tilt feature EVERY TIME you start another workout. And if you already have it UNLOCKED, and then use the manual tilt buttons on top of the hood, it automatically LOCKS AGAIN. So if you do that accidentally or absentmindedly during an unlocked tilt ride, you’ll STOP tilting any more and may not realize it for a long while if at all.
I’ve done this numerous times and been frustrated to have lost the enjoyment of the tilt function, which was a HUGE factor in why I bought the KICKR Bike! PLEASE let us have a setting to STAY UNLOCKED until we WANT it locked! This may be my biggest frustration with this bike, frankly. The location of that unlock AND the indicators of what gear you are in is really a poor location, much too out of sight out of mind. I WISH they had found some better method of indicating gear AND tilt level, and that the actual TILT LEVEL was DISPLAYED ALL THE TIME. It only briefly flashes to register a change if you manually change the tilt, and then reverts back to the gear shift position display.
BOTH of these pieces of info would be much more appreciated and useful if they were more visible.
I am HAPPY with the KICKR Bike, but these related issues would all be easier to deal with if the display were located well and not so limited.

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@DouthatBiker Same with the climb. My guess is that this is a safety feature. I have just learned to live with it.