Kickr Bike automatic elevation change?

I’m a new Kickr bike owner and wondering if there is a setting to automatically change the incline on the bike as the incline changes in a video rather than having to keep tapping the buttons up and down? I’m assuming there is and I just missed something, thanks in advance for the help.

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It should happen for the videos that have the feature enabled (GAWI, TWO, Angels etc etc).

Do you unlock the climb feature before you start the video?


Yes as Matt indicated, all you need to do is unlock that feature on the bike. On the right hand side of the top tube you see the lighted items. The top one is the lock on that feature which is by default. All you need to do is press the button and that icon will go out and the unlock will illuminate. Do that before you start the video.

I don’t know if it will stay like that because I power my bike down when I am done with a workout and when I power back up, it defaults back to locked.

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Thank you so much, I knew I was missing something!

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The bike will be in locked mode when you wake it up even if it is unlocked when you finish. I don’t unplug mine. There is an article that runs through some of the functionality (needs updating for the ‘new’ app) but explains the lock/unlock erg/level