Kickr care

Should I leave my Kickr powers on when not in use or should it only be powers up during use?

This is an interesting question - is there more wear and tear from the power up/power down cycle vs leaving it powered on all the time? My feeling is that most solid state electronics will be fine with being powered up and down each time you want to use the device. I’m not an electronics engineer, so can’t offer any more insight than that.

From a power consumption and efficiency perspective, you should definitely power it down when not in use.

FWIW, I power down my trainer after every session. It’s not a Kickr, but it is a smart trainer, so has some electronics that get power cycled each workout.

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I have read somewhere that the lastest firmware for KICKR’s now have a Auto Sleep function built in.


I unplug my KICKR after I use it. My main concern is that power surges (after losing power or during storms) could cause damage.

I do the same - and for my KICKR Climb as well.

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I have mine connected to a remote control outlook adaptor so I can turn the power off to my Core after each use.

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I have never turned mine off, had it just over a year.