Unplugging KICKR?

Since the Kickr doesn’t have a power switch, is it okay to leave it plugged in? I’ve been unplugging everything, both the brick and the trainer, after each ride. But I’m wondering if that’s necessary.

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I hope it’s ok, mine is normally left plugged and turned on!! I’ll have to follow this thread!

I dunno either but I always just unplug from power source after each ride.

I’ve had mine a year or so now and don’t think I’ve ever unplugged it!

Still working fine for me.

For these thing I use a power brick with a switch. It has an iPad charger, the fan and the Suito on it (which also doesn’t have a power switch).

This way I also know that I don’t have x Watts an hour leaking away into connected devices.


Mine has been plugged in for almost a year now, but I always turn off the power to the pain cave after each ride

Yep it’s fine to leave them plugged in.

I left my Tacx plugged in and power on for over 2 years… seems fine.

Since I have to drag an extension cord across the garage to plug it in and then move it out of the way afterward, I always unplug it after each use. But even when I have brought it inside, I still unplug it. I know the bluetooth and ant+ signals aren’t really adding any serious radiation, but I’d rather have the least amount of electrical interference in my house as possible during the rest of the day.

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@Sir_Brian_M i switch mine off at the wall switch after I’ve finished using it.
Will that shorten its lifespan or otherwise … depends on whether there’s any circuit boards semi in use while it’s switched on, generating any material energy that might ‘wear’ circuit boards components over time.

My guess is that strictly speaking it’s better for the power to be off for longevity, but in the smart trainer world other bits will probably die long before that’s an issue

I also just don’t Iike electronics like that left on as yet another fire hazard but that’s a different matter.

Your fridge being plugged in and on permanently is probably a greater fire risk to be honest but I’ll admit that I usually switch off and unplug unused items by 30 years of habit :grinning:

I would advise keeping it unplugged when not riding. My Kickr Core died after an electric surge related to a lightning bolt, when my wife was using it. It is a quite sensitive device, since the switching power source was not damaged, but was not enough to let the surge pass through it towards the trainer’s electronics.
Keeping it unplugged or well protected against electric surges will reduce the chance of this kind of problem. I am in a queue to buy a new smart trainer from a national company (Cyclotronics) in Brazil since the Wahoo service inexists here and the costs are prohibitive to ship my trainer back to the US.
I used to enjoy my Kickr Core, but I would not recommend it outside the US.


I’ve left mine on for the last 6+ months with no trouble - whether I should is a different story but it’s the same plug my ELEMNT and bike lights are charged from too

Yeah I think that’s the thing. Leaving it plugged in is in itself not an issue for the trainer, but it’s the general risks/issues around leaving anything plugged in that’s what you want to base the decision on.