Kickr Climb demo ride?

I just got a Kickr Climb and my young son is super keen to see it in action ASAP!

On my plan today is Across the Mountains, which sounds climb-y (!) but of course is a recovery ride, and isn’t listed in the list of rides with elevation info. On the other hand I believe that list is perhaps a little out of date.

So, should I pick a different ride tonight, and if so, what? (bearing in mind I’m supposed to be recovering from being chased by Fluffy)

Hi @bukharin

An updated list of Climb compatible workouts can be found here.

All On Location, ProRides and A Week With are compatible.

The only real recovery ride from these is Neal Henderson’s - The Office Commute, but I can’t comment on how much this would activate your Climb.

Alternatively you could choose a suitable SUF workout and simply dial the numbers down.


Awesome - thanks for this!