KICKR Climb Rides

Over the weekend, I purchased a KICKR Climb. I know there are several rides in the library utilizing the Climb’s technology. For those with Climbs, I was wondering about their favorite rides.

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anything @michael.cotty.



Congratulations! I think you will really enjoy it. I have had mine for a few months now and I can’t really imagine going back. It adds both enjoyment and comfort.

There are lots of great rides that use it! I assume you’ve seen the official list? It’s worth noting that this list isn’t entirely complete, eg I recently did Defender and it had good Climb integration, and there is a tiny bit of Climb action in Recharger.

It’s pretty hard to pick a favourite. I agree that all the Mike Cotty rides are great. Pretty much any climbing focussed video works very well, whereas I found 14 Vise Grips a little less exciting because each interval just had a set gradient. Not that my brain was working much by the end anyway…

That said, I recently did It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time and the Climb integration on that was awesome. That is definitely worth checking out.