Kickr Climb or Saris Rocker Plate?

Due to my work life balance riding inside is ideal during the week. But when I see rides over an hour I get flashbacks of the long numb hip pain-inducing TR sessions I have been doing. My bike fit is fine.

To help my sessions with the trainer what have others found with comfort when using a climb or rocker plate? I understand this is subjective.


I don’t have a rocker plate but I imagine that would be quite helpful for comfort. I do have a Climb though and that does a LOT for my mental engagement! So much so that I won’t ride without it now.


I made my own rocker plate, have no Climb and still find +3 hour sessions hard to sit in one place.

The subtle movement does help but doesn’t remove the existence of sitting in the ‘same’ position for an extended period.


I got a Saris platform over the summer. I find it to be a huge improvement in the butt department, and enjoy the movement it provides while riding. It eliminates the paradox of an irresistible force (my butt) meeting and an immovable object (the saddle).

I’ve long wanted a platform of some type, and had notions of building my own, but the Saris went on sale this summer for 50% off so I got it. There are others based on simple rubber donut/ball suspension and those may do the job too.

Personally, I don’t feel the Kickr Climb would do much for me. Geometrically speaking, it just changes the position of the bars up/down a few CM and the saddle back/forth a few cm. IMO, this is relatively minor, and I’d still be faced with the paradox of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object.

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I’ve got/had both and if I were picking one or the other I would, personally, go Climb every time.

I like the rocker plate, but when I moved my bike setup I never put it back into place, where I couldn’t imagine not having the Climb now.

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I can’t comment on the rocker plate but I do have a Climb (Clmb?). I’m not sure if it alleviates any pita problems so I do the same as I do outside and stand up for every short sharp increase. It’s actually nice if this coincides with a climb in the video as I can feel it level out and only sit down once I get that signal

For comfort, I’d pick the rocker plate. I moved my set up and didn’t set up my rocker plate for a ride, the pain was very real. Put my rocker plate back on and my SI pain stopped and my butt was happier. I have the climb and while I enjoy it and changing the angle helps, the rocker plate is what makes long rides possible. If I could only have one, I’d take the rocker plate.