Rockerplate value?

Considering many indoor cycling specialists are having the conversation here.
Am curious about the Experiences you have with a rockerplate.

What are the positive experiences?
What are negative experiences?


The only negative is it takes up more room and is too heavy too moved out of the way between workouts. My workout area is only 6’ x 8’. If I got a rocker plate I wouldn’t be able to put the bike up against a wall to give me the space to do yoga and strength workouts.


You might be interested in this recent thread about rocker plates: Experience with Rocker Plates?

Based on it, I bought a rocker plate (Turborocks Realplate Stealth) and LOVE it. I found it has added more far more joy/comfort to my rides than the climb feature I got by moving to a Bike 2.


Kickr Bike V2 AND Rocker plate!? Must show pics!!

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Here you go, Sir Glen!

The kids call this our Cardio Shrine.


I cannot tell you how much I LOVE those TOUR posters! The wahoominati award you 14 SUF points for their stunning display.

What a beautiful spa you have down there. It must be very difficult to suffer there! :joy: :joy: :rofl:

I have that EXACT SAME set of storage buckets with the wooden stand and use them all for bikey things. I also have a yoga mat from Manduka!


Now that is a cool Flogging Station indeed. :heart_eyes:


I too have recently acquired a rocker plate (Velocity Rocker, based in California) for the KICKR Bike I’ve had for a few years.

If you have the room, it is well worth getting a rocker plate. It’s easy to identify the benefits - comfort, increased core workout, increased immersion in sim rides - but it feels like the sum of the small improvements is transformational. I compare it to when I finally got radar for my road bike several years ago - even though it doesn’t seem like a big change, after one ride I would never go back.


what does it feel like when you cycle standing up?

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For me, cycling while standing up using a rocket plate feels much more like normal riding outside while standing. There’s a bit of a feeling of needing to balance the system by engaging your core.

Edit: I mean Rocker Plate. Haha! I think I will not get a rocket plate


Has anyone actively compared a rocker plate to these hedgehog thingies?

I went from a Kickr Core to a MOVE. And It’s incredible how much easier and more natural it is to cycle standing up. Now the bike moves underneath you. And that’s how a rockerplate feels compared to a static trainer with no plate. If anything it feels more normal and closer to riding outside.

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I read a post somewhere frpm somwome who fell off thw hedgehpgs and broke their bike, their trainer and themselves

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Whoa! I’d always thought it looked incredibly unstable. I hope they’ve recovered.

I use an Inside Ride.

It takes up way less space than a rocker board and lives permanently in our living room where my kids could hang out while I’m on the bike. Sometimes they ride their own little workout bike next to me while I’m on.

The only downside I have to the Inside Ride is that it needs to be perfectly level and it’s in two separate pieces (one for the front one for the rear). But again… WAY less floorspace.


I have a Saris MP1. It’s big and heavy, but really doesn’t take up any more floor space that just a bike on trainer. Putting it away and setting it up would be a real chore, but I leave mine set up year round with a dedicated bike on it.