Rocker plates

Anyone use them and are they an improvement? Not forking out for a Wahoo Headwind or Hill riser, but maybe something to make standing more comfortable. Cheers all.

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I used a Coplate with my Tacx Genius and it was way way better than just the trainer alone. Since upgrading to Tacx Neo 2T i havent put it on the rocker plate yet as theres already a bit of flex in the Neo. Bought the parts to upgrade the plate for Neo but havent got around to installing yet.

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Wow, the DIY lot is pretty affordable too. Thanks @Shadowmate will take a serious look at these.

Yes. I have a Lifeline Rocker and I’m very glad I have it. I picked it up super cheap over the holidays. Even with shipping from the UK to the US, the total was under $300. Keep an eye out for sales and they can be had for cheap.

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Does anybody have any experience putting the Kickr smart bike on a rocker plate? Can I assume that any ordinary rocker plate will fit it? Thanks in advance!

If you are on FB there is a dedicated Kickr bike group with lots of examples of rocker board use that may help as a guide.

Thank you Bob, I checked it out and it helped a lot!
All the best,

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I’ve been using Realplate React now 18 moths with Tacx Neo. Compatible with all modern smart bikes and trainers. Highly recommend.

Hi - I’ve got an Omnirocker for my Kickr Bike arriving tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll work well…

I went the DIY route, definitely feel a smoother ‘ride’ using it. There is slight rocking without forcing the motion. My 4DP FTP went down since using it so blaming the absence of the slight resistance as the root cause.


I’d sure like to hear about rocker plates available in the US. Has anyone experience with the kickr smart bike on a Velocity Rocker, SBR Rocker or KOM?

If you want an intermediate step towards a rocker plate. Get a few EVA mats, I have my Kickr bike on 2x 40mm puzzle mats. Obviously not as much movement as a rocker plate, but gives enough movement to make a significant difference to comfort.

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