Kickr Core gets too heavy on workouts and won’t calibrate

Hi - I got my Kickr Core in January. It will calibrate ln the Wahoo app but not on the Zwift app, but my biggest problem is that when I do a Zwift workout, at stages in the workout the gear gets so heavy I can’t continue (I tried recently and the gear was so heavy the force snapped the pedal off).

Can anyone help me? Thank you

One, do NOT use the Zwift app to calibrate your KICKR CORE!
Two, use the WA to upgrade to the latest firmware update as it engages automatic calibration.
Three, after updating your firmware, use WA to do a manual calibration and that should be the LAST time you do this unless you move the KICKR CORE substantially (like from a very cold/wet environment to a hot/dry one).


Four, look for a new pedal manufacturer (or avoid getting angry in tight clothing / wearing stuff that clashes with green I guess…)