KICKR MOVE: Clacking sound from side to side movement

I’ve been talking with Wahoo support on this but am curious if I’m alone. Whenever I move my bike from side to side on the MOVE, I get a “clacking” sound like there’s something hitting against something else. Support suggested spraying a lubricant on the rail which hasn’t helped.

Video attached. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this just how the trainer works/is designed or is this a problem?

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Welcome to the forums @tedsvo !

I do get some noise when rocking the bike side-to-side on the KICKR MOVE. There are some hard stops that the trainer is running in to that limit the range of movement. I think as long as the noise comes at the end of travel on each side, then it’s probably normal. I think of it more as a bit of a “clunk” as the rocking mechanism hits the end stop.

I just had a quick listen to the video you posted and I think it sounds similar to mine. I’ve only heard it while riding the bike on the MOVE, so I’ve been a bit further away.


Sounds about the same as mine, too. I normally don’t notice as I usually ride with my headphones on, but when I move my bike back and forth it does make the same noise when it hits the hard stops on either side.


Ok, this is reassuring. Thanks to you both!

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Update: Wahoo Support got back to me and said “After reviewing the video with our hardware team, we believe that your KICKR MOVE is experiencing a hardware issue and will need to be replaced.” :man_shrugging: