Loud clonking/knocking sound from Kicker V6

Hello all,

Recently bought a V6 and started using. Followed the easy instructions, but when using the bike there is a loud clonking sound. You can view the video where at the slightest of rocking movement the sound starts. WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I’ve attached a second and a third bike to the trainer to rule out that there could be an issue with my primary bike, the Cervelo in the video. The same clonking sound appears on those two bikes. To further rule out bike related I’ve had the bike checked by the bike shop as well and there is nothing wrong there.

Should add that I’ve had the bike on a TacX neo and Kurt Kinetic and there was no clonking sound issues there. So I am a bit clueless as to what the issue is.


Sorry - not going to click on a random link, but have you contacted the Minions?

Put in a trouble ticket w Wahoo and include your video link. They can address quicker and more effectively than all of us lurking here in the forum.

I will say that my Kickr makes no “clonking” noises of any sort. I rarely hear any noises from it at all, TBH.

Good luck.

Jepp. I submitted a ticket with Wahoo support and hope to hear back from them soon.

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