Kickr Move scratching noise noise?


I set up my Kickr move yesterday. During the first test, I noticed a “ Scratching noise”when the trainer moved back and forth. Can you confirm this with your Kickr?
Here’s a Video

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Any noise like that would drive me nuts and would stop me from buying one!! aren’t they supposed to be completely silent??

The movement is carried out by 2 small plastic rolls on each of which the kickr moves back and forth. In my case, I have the feeling that the rollers are rubbing on the housing. Here is a video in which noise also occurs:

That seems louder than mine, but the camera is quite closer and the motion quite quick. I definitely don’t notice any noise when normal pedalling.

Have you noticed your Kickr Move leaning to the side?

The Kickr is exactly horizontally aligned. I am already aware that he gets his momentum through 2 plastic rolls each that run on a rail.
And yes, the video is already recorded very close to the kicker, think the sound of the chain will be louder. I haven’t been able to test it yet to kick and film at the same time.

I haven’t noticed any significant noise when my KICKR MOVE moves forwards and backwards, but I’ll have a close listen to it for that specific noise tomorrow.

Check the plastic pieces to make sure nothing is rubbing.

When I received mine I was hearing a scratching noise. Turned out this piece was rubbing. I bent it back a little with my fingers a couple times to pull it away from the pulley wheel. That fixed it and it hasn’t made any noises since.

I received this email today:

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for getting in touch! The noises are completely normal so nothing to worry about. The KICKR has been greased in that part so the wheels move, the grease will evenly distribute over a couple of rides.


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Hi @Matthias08 , I do hear a similar noise to the one you have in your video, but perhaps not as loud. In my experience riding the KICKR MOVE, I almost never get that much front-to-back movement (unless I stand up really quickly and forcefully), so I’m not hearing any noise from the front/back mechanism during rides.

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