Kickr Rollr Minimum Power

New user of KickR Rollr. It sure seems that the power readings are too high. Perhaps it is because I am (still!) a load (214lbs) that power readings in my smallest gear at a cadence of 85-90 are in the 130’s. But if true then Workouts like Recharger ostensibly cannot recharge because with the exception of the last three spikes throughout the workout I am always over the target power, when at the target cadence and heart rates. I have read about minimums power on the Rollr, but are these reasonable, expected? Thanks for your thoughts.

What power meter are you using?
What is you smallest gear ratio?

Power link pedals and 34(front) 32(rear)

Are you using virtual power? Is the kickr roller an option in the settings?

Just spotted you have power link pedals. Can’t remember if selecting a roller type matters (possibly only if using virtual power)

I guess weight will have a factor on the resistance and therefore power. I ride on a dumb roller and use 4iii power meter if I ride at 85c on the 36x32 I’ll output c110 watts I’m about 185lbs.

Virtual power? Confess I am not sure what that is. Yes the kickr rolle is an option in settings. I choose it and get power, cadence, virtual speed through it. the power link pedals are also an option in settings. But as I understand it, if I selected to measure power directly from the pedals the pedals would not influence the amount of resistance from the rollers, which would mean no erg mode always level. it sure seems that my tonnage is the culprit. I just get a kickr snap. Am going to run a comparison. Thx for your thoughts!!!

Just used KickR snap for the first time, which (seems to) answer my question. The SNAP is able trace power at considerably lower levels than can the RollR, which makes sense given that the RollR has to be significantly affected by my weight and its distribution over the rear wheel (as in Standing or sitting). So at low power levels the RollR has little influence on the amount of power (it just is what it is). At higher power levels (in my case > 150w) the power requirement changes imparted by the RollR are closer to the Snap, although the RollR power traces are considerably more ‘jittery’ than are the traces coming from the Snap, which again (to me) makes sense given the greater number of variable influencing/affecting power input/output on the RollR than the Snap.

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