KICKR Shift "micro" dropouts in erg mode

Has anyone else noticed when using the KICKR Shift in erg mode numerous very short term (1 - 2 second) dropouts. At first I thought it was a connection issue but it happens weather I’m connected over WiFi or using Direct Connect.

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Welcome to the forums @B.Harback, can you say if this is the cadence reported via the Shift or a separate sensor?

Also, have you updated to the most recent firmware?

Thanks Glen. It is the cadence reported by the Shift. It seems to be most prominent when there is a change in power i.e. transitioning to the next interval.

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3 things then
1: are you in the most current firmware
2: were you doing a workout with lots of power changes (what workout was it)
3: have you submitted a support request to The Company

I know that was 4 things but 3 sounds better.

Another thing (5), is power also reported that way with the same dropouts at the same times?

Glen, The firmware is up to date. The workout had a fair mount of power changes. There are relatively small drops in power that coincide with the cadence drop outs. I have put in a support request and waiting to hear back from support.

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