Kickr Snap and Assioma Pedals- Which to use for power?

Hi Everyone,

I recently switched over to SYSTM from TrainerRoad, and have enjoyed it so far. My only problem is with TrainerRoad I could use power match to record my power output using my Assioma Uno pedals while still using my Kickr Snap for ERG mode. I do not believe this is possible on SYSTM right now.

So my question is… what should I do for recording power on SYSTM? I would really like to use my power pedals as I believe they are more accurate and will translate to outside rides. However, I really like using ERG mode which is the whole reason I bought the Kickr.

Has anyone found a good solution to this, and if so can you please help! Thank you.

What is the difference between them that you are seeing? You’ll need to dual record a workout and compare - I’d expect them to be pretty similar (check you are using same recording interval on each method)

The snap reads quite a bit lower, so it means I’m probably going over the prescribed intervals right now. I can just adjust my ftp accordingly but that hurts my self worth :stuck_out_tongue:. I also would like to do the weekend rides outside so going back and forth seems like a pain. Although talking about it I may be able to keep training peaks with my outdoor ftp?

I’m having the same issue. I use my Assioma DUO pedals with no problems on Zwift, Xert, etc, but with Systm, the pedals are showing up to 10-15 watts higher than my Kickr gen2. This is really annoying in ERG mode since it doesn’t powermatch and is always showing higher than the prescribe watts for the interval.

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I want to share a perspective about trainer power. There are lots of reasons why your power meter and the trainer’s might not match. Assuming they both work (ie they track each other), I suggest you think of the trainer’s power reading not as watts, but as workout points whose sole purpose is to cause SYSTM to prescribe the right workout for you. See here for an expanded discussion.

Powermatch would be the logical solution but I don’t think the software supports it.

I don’t have either a Snap or Assioma pedals so can’t comment from experience, but I thought there was a power match feature built into the Kickr Snap itself?


Thanks for that great tip! I assume that only works when using the Wahoo Fitness App though?

I think it’s setting something on the Snap itself which then works with whatever app you use. If you read the “Why Enable It” section on the link that is (very) strongly implied.

Definitely worth experimenting with though - especially if it means no more spin downs as claimed. With luck someone on the forum with direct experience will notice this thread and chip in.

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Hmmm, just scrolled down to the last comment on the article and maybe this feature doesn’t work after all:


December 10, 2020 at 11:16 am

I saw your video and was excited to try this on my SNAP, however, I did not see the option. I contacted Wahoo Support and they told me that Power Match was not available on the SNAP. I verified my app is up to date and so is my firmware.

Here is their reply: Thank you for writing into Wahoo Fitness Support. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for the Snap. It will show up in the app, but it will not work. I do apologize, and I have passed this on to the product managers to evaluate.

What a shame :frowning: