Using Power pedals as power source

Apologies in advance if this has been asked and answered but I couldn’t find the answer I was looking for. So here goes:
I bought Favero Assioma duo power pedals and would like to use them as the main source of power on my systm workouts on my kickr core. There seems to be two ways of doing this and I just wanted to confirm if there is a difference in either. Would it matter if I was using erg mode or level mode?

  1. Pair the favero pedals as the power source in the workout screen in systm.
  2. Go to the wahoo app, settings in kickr core and enter ant+ id in control with ant+ power meter.

Do both the above achieve the same objective?

Another question is virtual watts. Does this matter given the trainer is a smart trainer? Why does erg mode get disabled if I deselect virtual watts?

@abhi4121 I’ve got Assioma duo pedals linked to my KICKR and it works fine. I tried using them as the direct power source but there was too much fluctuation. As a test, I disabled the pedals and ran with just the KICKR internal power and tracked the pedal readout on my Garmin - pretty much spot on using a different app. Bottom line - I don’t think you’ll see a difference if they are connected to your KICKR or not.

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Pairing to SYSTM just causes SYSTM to report the pedal measured power. The KICKR still uses its own power measurements to control the workout.

Setting the KICKR to use the pedals as a power source does exactly that: pedal power now controls the workout. I don’t know what happens with the power broadcast to SYSTM. It’s possible that the KICKR broadcasts pedal power or it could be the the KICKR broadcasts it’s own power measurement even though it’s not using it to control the workout. That could be tested. Maybe I’ll do that someday.

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that’s pretty cool feature on the kickr. I will check out my old Elite Direto and see if there is an option to do something similar. Because if you use the power meter as the power source in the SUF app, as you note, trainer power measurement ore stimation still controls the workout, and if the two are different then you need to manually adjust to get the targets where you want. The solution you laid out basically gets you powermatch without having powermatch (in the app yet).

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, there is some curiosity on looking at the power numbers on both devices, but that is not the only motivation. I also thought this method will remove the necessity of calibrating the trainer frequently and also maintain some level of consistency in the rides outdoors and indoors. For a rank beginner like me few watts here and there dont make much of a difference. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I changed the settings in the wahoo app to “control with Ant+power meter” today and the power numbers and ERG adjustments were undoubtedly based on numbers from the pedals. I forgot what settings I used to broadcast from the Systm app :man_facepalming: I will post another comment after my next workout!

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Thanks for your comment. Yes, its a good way to get consistent power numbers. Also no need to calibrate often! Worked beautifully on “Who dares” today!