Kickr trouble

inches away from my laptop and it wont connect.

just what I want to do…get in to hours or troubleshooting IT and bluetooth instead of riding.

dogshit system. has the option to connect via wifi over the same network or bluetooth and neither work…meanwhile im pedaling trying to get a workout distracted by the IT setup.

Just a word of advice, if you gonna make bluetooth connections you need to make it smooth. study Apple Car Play and consider before that the end user frustration with trying to pair phones to vehicles.

idiot developers.

Hey @netcat are you seeking help or have you just come here to complain? If you’re seeking help, I’d suggest you contact wahoo support directly.

If you’re looking for help from the community a little more detail would be welcomed, for example:
Which Kickr are you using?
Do you have the latest firmware for it?
What operating systm (windows? Mac?) are you using and which version?
What specifically are you trying to connect your Kickr to? (i.e. is it WahooX/SYSTM, Zwift, Trainer Road etc)

These are all things that Wahoo Support would want to know too, but if you’re seeking help from the community, the more detail you provide the better.


@Glenn.Coutts the truth is I came here to ride. BUt that is a good question I think after a few hours of trouble shooting you may have a point, I probably am here just to complain. But I want to make sure my complaining isn’t interpreted by your dev team to be feedback to improve this product. If they want to release a shit product so be it. I dont want to be part of their corporate solution or their devops process. Like seriously if you want to be competitive with Zwift then be competitive.

I didnt come here to chat with you or the “community”.

I mean when I bought this thing I definitely had some options. including older versions without wifi discovery. But being a network person myself and knowing the challenges in general for bluetooth I opted for wifi.

because I wanted this:

  • Once connected, the Network page will appear confirming that the trainer will now be discoverable by supported applications on that same network and provide the trainer’s IP and Mac address.

which is pulled directly from this link:

Using KICKR / KICKR BIKE Wi-Fi – Wahoo Fitness Support

and goes on to say this:

What apps are compatible?

  • Fulgaz - All platforms
  • TrainerRoad - All platforms
  • Wahoo SYSTM - Windows and MacOS platforms
  • Zwift - All platforms

So yeah I am working on with Windows 11, Kickr v6 , I followed the instructions for firmware upgrade but no upgrade was required.

And basically the app doesnt even show an option for wifi connectivity

nor does it allow for any device management until you click into a workout which is stupid as fuck.

Dont bother. I am going back to Zwift. atleast Zwift works.

Alrighty then. Thanks for checking back in.


FWIW it’s not @Glen.Coutts ’ dev team, he’s a user who was just trying to help you. As you don’t want any, probably would have been easier and more pleasant just to drop it after the first post.


It’s all good, man.


@netcat From your screen shot it looks like your Kickr is connected to something else. Was the Zwift app open or perhaps the Wahoo app? Are all of your apps up to date?

Like you I have the Kickr V6. I use SYSTM regularly and it works fine with the V6, the Climb, the Headwind, multiple HRMs and cadence sensors.

Once you cool yourself down contact someone at Wahoo support and they should be able to help you.


Concurr…probably from when he was switching on the kickr’s wifi. Hard shut down of the apps is so critical. I am so used to it, I dont even think about it anymore


@netcat - please submit a ticket to the Minions. We’re always happy to assist customers with the SYSTM app and Wahoo products. We don’t generally troubleshoot on socials, but are more than happy to work with you individually to resolve the specific issues you are experiencing.