KICKR - v5

I purchased a KICKR v5 new directly from Wahoo in 2020. It cost over $1,000. It didn’t last 3 years of infrequent use. I recently saw a video from the CEO that Wahoo knew they had an issue with the electronics, but didn’t contact me. I contacted Wahoo, but they told me that they won’t fix it. I’m very disappointed.

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So sorry to hear @Tourmalet! (You’re one of my favorite mountains…BIG fan!)

Yeah my first one tanked within a year under warranty and they sent me a replacement. I dread that this one’s going to fail too for some unknown reason.

(Also on my second Climb on a warranty replacement).

I will add that the Company’s service minions have always been absolutely great to work with. Can’t :heart: them enough - but the hardware has me nervous!

I’ve never felt so ripped off by a company. I contacted them for help. They offered me 20% off a new one. I’ll never buy one again.