Second Hand Kickr Bike Advice

Hi All,
I’m about to purchase a 2 yr old Kicker bike but before I do is there anything I should look out for or are there known issues I should know about?
Also if needed can I get support and spare parts from Wahoo?
Can I purchase a new warranty?

I feel it’s like buying a used car… you never know what you’re going to end up with.

Many thanks inadvance


If you haven’t done, you should read this thread: Kickr Bike Experience - it broke - General Discussion - Zwift Forums

I have about 20K miles on kickr bikes. My first new purchase lasted for 80% of those miles then I experienced the shifter failure. Wahoo provided superior support and shipped a replacement resulting in no down time.

Other than the shifting problem, handlebar and seat post are prone to slippage due to inferior clamping design. Easily overcome IMO.

I would not hesitate to recommend the kickr bike as long as you have Wahoo support so the warranty question should be investigated with wahoo support.

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