Useless Kickr?

After many go-rounds with Wahoo support because I couldn’t connect to the trainer (or Zwift), I finally received this message:

Hey Tedd,*

Based on our troubleshooting, the chip that transmits speed and power data has failed. We can’t provide this as a replacement part.

This means the machine can’t be fixed. They are also telling me my 2020 Wahoo equipment is out of warranty and for lack if being able to replace the chip, I have to replace the Wahoo equipment (Core and Climb) at my expense.
Am I alone here? Has anyone else had a failed chip and therefore useless ($1800) Kickr equipment?
Frustrated and getting fatter…


Asking again if anyone has experience with a Kickr having a failed chip to transmit data and therefore the Kickr can’t be repaired?