Knight of Sufferlandria Quest - Completed!

I just finished my KoS Quest. Suffered indeed! My original plan was to do the first five videos last night, the remaining five on the following night as prep for a formal attempt a week from now. When I got done with video #5, I couldn’t image repeating the first five in a weeks’ time…so I just pressed on and also completed videos 6-10. For anyone interested my list is below. I wanted to do two videos each from the Climbing, Speed, Sustained, and Mixed categories. Climbing and Speed each got a third nod. Revolver, as #10, wins for the number of curse words needed to get through it.

Thank you to the many Knights that have posted info regarding a Knighthood Quest on this forum, it was very helpful!

I don’t have any advice to give at this point regarding a Knighthood Quest, just to offer encouragement to go for it for anyone thinking about taking it on.

Video Mins Type
Power Station - KoS Quest: 1 of 10 48 Climbing
The Trick - KoS Quest: 2 of 10 57 Speed
Defender - KoS Quest: 3 of 10 58 Sustained
The Best Thing in the World - KoS Quest: 4 of 10 45 Mixed
Angels - KoS Quest: 5 of 10 54 Climbing
14 Vise Grips: KoS Quest: 6 of 10 55 Speed
The Rookie - KoS Quest: 7 of 10 52 Sustained
Who Dares - KoS Quest: 8 of 10 54 Mixed
G.O.A.T - KoS Quest: 9 of 10 57 Climbing
Revolver - KoS Quest: 10 of 10 43 Speed

This is EXACTLY what I tell people too. I did my quest before there was a KoS Plan and if I had to do 5 in a row, I would rather die than have to stop and do it all over again a week or so later :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

Congrats! P.S. I also ended on Revolver (it seemed like a good idea at the time, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: )

Welcome to the castle Sir Richard!

have a wee lie down, you earned it!!

SufferKing Mattress


Ha! Sir @Glen.Coutts patented Accidental Knighthood.

Congratulations on your summit, soon-to-be-Sir @Rick, enjoy the view!


Awesome, congrats! Best not to overthink things and just nail it, which you have done.

Be sure to enjoy the accomplishment and plan for some recovery time. Little aches and pains may pop up over the next few days, some when and where you least expect them…

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Haha. Nothing must dull the suffering :smiling_imp:


Well done sir!

Bravo and welcome.

One thing I tell folks is to visit the Knighthood page and fill out the form. Without it, you will not gain access to those things Knightly and your decals will remain in escrow.