The KOS Honor Roll

Hey everyone, gather around!

The KOS list has been a sore subject for a while now. There were concerns about how nationalities were listed, the list lacking a proper home, and that ever-appearing question always seems to pop up… “Does Wahoo really care about Sufferlandria, Knights, and the KOS quest itself?”

First things first, should the information about the knighthood quest and the current listing of Knights live somewhere better than here in the forum? On one hand, of course, Sufferlandrians and Knights alike think that these things should be front and center.

On the flip side, these things are nothing without the community that surrounds them, so we could make the argument that this forum is the perfect place for this information to live!

So, here we are now, still needing a historically accurate KOS list. I present to you the new and fully up-to-date Knights of Sufferlandria Honor Roll.


I was going to elaborate more but got too excited… The KOS quest is not lost. In fact, I’ll take the cliché route, and remind everyone that Sufferlandria, the KOS, and our community are what we make of them when we come together.


First CONGRATS to all the new Knights! We trust your lives in the castle will be suitably uncomfortable for now and for evermore

Second, thanks Sir Cody for updating the honour roll (note spelling, :joy:) and listening to our pleas.

Now, let’s get down to bizniss.

Soooo, Sir @Cody.Moore, are we to read in this post that the argument for housing the honour roll in the forums is the argument that won the battle? Is there still a battle?

I’ll take the other side (the flip side of the flip side) that the forum is a sad place for the roll. It lacks panache, aplomb, erm that certain je ne sais quoi.

If there’s still hope, then I HOPE you can reconsider and modify the Wahoo blog page where, if you were to make it the only page, you could add in the pics below and it would be much simpler to maintain (ie update with new eligible vids [here’s looking at you Rue the Day], and newly dubbed Knights as they are approved (every month or couple of months or whatever frequency seems reasonable)

I really miss the numbering system. I miss this taunting, tempting photo:

I miss the list of PRESTIGIOUS GIFTS AND ACCOLADES and this picture (albeit with an updated flag :wink: ):




Hehe. Oops.

Yes to all this, @Glen.Coutts


@Cody.Moore Thank you for posting this list to at least give it a (hopefully temporary) new home!

That said, I completely agree with what Sir @Glen.Coutts said. This deserves to be somewhere more prominent than the forums. And also it definitely needs to have the numbers added back in. And everything that went with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very glad to know that the list has a new home. But, it needs a better home than here.

Please? :pray:


And on the plus side, my name is on the roll twice. Once for each of my successful attempts! Yay! :partying_face:


Exactly, else how else are we supposed to market ourselves. Only the genuinely intrigued will make a sortee onto the forum for details. And how are Couchlandrians considering moving over to the light side supposed to know there even is a light side without a Sufferlandria website that lists all the fabulous activities and national products we have on offer.


The Sufferlandria website is (almost) a separate issue, at least I’m treating it as such.

I’d be happy (for a start, and a simple one at that) with the modifications I’d suggested on the existing page about Knighthood. :slightly_smiling_face:


For the most part, the forum is just a starting point.
I for one knew that the forum was a place to get ideas, tips and advises pertaining to the Knighthood. On the blog, perhaps we can have like a drop down list of all the Knights (a spoiler kind of list, whereby, when clicked the list reveals itself and when clicked once more, the list disappears).

Got to agree that the forum itself is hardly a home but at least it’s a good starting point.

Have to agree with you Sir @Glen.Coutts and @DameLisa, the used-to-be Sufferlandria website was what got me into SUF back then with all the very intriguing terms used to describe this mythical nation we are all proud to be part of.
In fact, I really miss that site… :slightly_frowning_face: and would like to see it make a comeback rather than sitting in the wayback machine.


Dear Dames and Sirs,

just let me take the opportunity to say Hi to everybody (I am one of the new Knights).
I appreciate the effort from Sir @Cody.Moore and all of you!


@Cody.Moore Hell I haven’t even attempted a knighthood yet (maybe this year) and I can agree with @Glen.Coutts point.

The flop side?



Remember, There is no Try. Now that you have mentioned it, you shall be doing it :wink:

Or the flog site? Hahaha :laughing:


@Cody.Moore can you please explain why the Knighthood Honor Roll has been simplified and collapsed down? I was pretty proud of being the first Knight from Northern Ireland (and others followed thereafter) but now everything has been homogenized down to a giant United Kingdom list.

It might not seem significant to the folks at Wahoo any more, but for a lot of the riders completing a KoS was a really significant achievement. I haven’t ridden on SYSTM much at all, and for me a lot of the brand identity has been eroded and I no longer feel much affinity to the brand (I didn’t ride ToS this year as a result). I still ride, and when I see people’s names like Sir Evan or Sir Glen I still smile and feel like we’re part of a secret club (similarly when I see a KoS designation on a Strava leaderboard). But it really feels like we’re now a dying breed, and that it’s unlikely others will join because to be honest - why would they?

It feels like this is a part of the community that is being slowly walled off and papered over…


@Cody.Moore now that the honor roll is here, is there a way to link each Knight’s name to his/her profile on the forum? (To the extent they are on this forum)

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With respect Sir Peter, I disagree (partially). There is still a desire by the “masses” to take on the Knighthood challenge. A local(ish) riding buddy just did his a few weeks back (the newest Knight in the last updated list of Knights from Canada).

I do agree though that the challenge itself is no longer front and centre, like Sir @Cody.Moore says, as it had been when it was just SUF. As you probably know, I have been advocating for a proper home for the Knighthood roll of honour (the Forum in NOT a proper home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) as well as a return to the numbering system (showing just how many Knights there are in each country). I LOVED being one of the first 100 Knights from Canada (along with my fellow Knights, Dames Betsy Troutt and Candy Badger).

I continue to be perplexed as to why the Knighthood page, as it exists in the Blog article can’t be amended/appended/extended to include what was taken out of the OG page languishing in the Waybackmachine.

It would also be nice touch to make one of the home page cards a permanent link to the challenge so if not Front and Centre, at least on Desktop it could be Bottom and Right in the Wahoo X SYSTM app.

P.S. Sir Peter @Rearviewmirror, NOTHING will take away from your (our) achievement. You should still be proud.

Edit: I should add, to answer the question of why would anyone want to join the Knighthood: well, there are the PRESTIGIOUS GIFTS AND ACCOLADES i.e. those decals and the new ones are still pretty sweet :heart_eyes:, that cool certificate, the exclusive jersey, the KoS designation, the awe of others, and of course the right to “Bask for eternity in the GLORY that comes from being a Knight. Never shall you not be the centre of every single dinner conversation you attend from that point onwards.”


To be honest, since the on The Knowledge blog itself there are 3 pinned articles, would it be fair to ask if Sir @Cody.Moore would consider pinning information about Knighthood on the blog itself?
Perhaps, as what Sir @Glen.Coutts has been advocating for a while now, to also include the numbering system in the honour roll besides just a proper home :slight_smile:


I wish that I had done my Knighthood a year earlier. I felt let down after completing my Knighthood. It took me forever to finally find the right thread with a link to the updated list. I feel like everything that is Sufferfest has been relegated.

I don’t use Facebook anymore, but the banter and conversations there were far more inclusive than the forum. I forget to sign in here to look for updates and the encouragement of other Sufferlandrians. I find forums to be antiquated, so why not a discord channel? Wahooligans are current but not current.

Ugh, the frustration continues.


I feel your frustration too. I loved being in the first 100 in Canada and now I’m just a name on a list. I also agree that countries in their own right should have their own sections.

I have to admit, the forums have kind of grown on me and Facebook was just killing me with endless sponsored posts, recommended thingies, ads and general nonsense I’ve got no interest in.

The nice thing about the forums is the 100% absence of all the stuff I hated about Facebook.

That said, I’ve been advocating since SYSTM became a thing and SUF stuff went MIA for a proper home and format for the Knighthood pages and honour roll (outside the forum) as well as all that historical cultural stuff on our great nation. Sadly, Sir Cody is no longer with wahoo.

So let’s keep fighting the good fight.