Knighthood Attempt/Fundraising for Young Survival Coalition

Hi all. I will be storming the castle next Sunday and will be raising money for the Young Survival Coalition.

I had planned to ride the Tour De Pink last October with a good friend, but the event was cancelled due to COVID. All being well we’ll ride it together this year if the event is back on. My goal is to try to raise $1,000 while attempting Knighthood next Sunday January 31. I’ll be starting at 7AM EST.

I’ll post updates over in the main Sufferfest Facebook group with the hopes of raising as much money as possible!

Hopefully you can follow along next weekend!

If you’d like to support, you can donate here -

My list is:

1 - A Very Dark Place

2 - Defender

3 - Thin Air

4 - The Hunted

5 - The Best Thing In The World

6 - GOAT

7 - Revolver

8 - Power Station

9 - Who Dares

10 - The Bat


Fantastic! Good luck storming the castle! Looking forward to seeing you inside the gates.

You can do this. Go get at it!

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Alright - tomorrow is the day! I’ll be updating this thread on the Facebook group as I make my way towards the castle!


With snow gently falling here in DC, 45mins before I start, I wanted to write a quick note on why I’m fundraising for YSC. Young Survivor Coalition supports those under 40 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. A lot of treatment and support is geared towards older folks with cancer, and it can be unbelievably frustrating to keep being told “wow you’re so young to have cancer!” while also dealing with cancer. YSC provides a much needed community for young cancer survivors, to connect with people who are going through the same thing.

Secondly, every year they organize the Tour De Pink ( - a 200 mile plus ride on both the East Coast and the West Coast of the USA across three days. Many of the riders are cancer survivors, family members, and friends of cancer survivors. A friend told me it was unbelievably empowering to feel like her body was strong again after treatment, and the community of TdP helped make that happen.

I’m hoping I can raise around $100 per video for YSC that’ll go towards supporting young people dealing with cancer. If you’re able, please consider donating here -

I’m hoping to see the total slowly rise over the course of the day as I’m out there shredding chamois. I’d love to get to my total of $1,000 or even surpass it.

And I’m done! Full catalogue of misery here.

If anyone would like to donate it would be much appreciated - I’m still a ways away from my target!

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